Buyer’s Home Inspections
NY Inspection Pros offers homebuyers peace of mind when making perhaps the largest purchase of their life. Our extensive review of the home will ensure that potential homebuyers are making a safe and sound investment in their future. Our inspections will provide a thorough understanding of whether the home has been well-maintained or requires major repairs.

A step-by-step process

NY Inspection Pros' inspectors will take a deep dive into the major areas of the home, including the foundation; the roof and gutters; any attic or crawlspace; electrical panel and electrical systems; thermostats and the (HVAC) system; walls, ceilings and floors; doors and windows; stairs and steps; plumbing system; porches or exterior balconies; and much more.

Foundation: The literal foundation of your investment, the home’s foundation is susceptible to geological conditions or soil-related issues. Our inspectors will meticulously examine the foundation of the home. Foundation issues can lead to greater issues down the line, including cracks in the walls, molding and floor tile; uneven flooring; windows and doors that are difficult to open or close due to an uneven foundation; irregular spacing between walls, floors, doors, windows, and ceiling; and/or a roof that may sag.

Roof and gutters: Our inspections determine the integrity of a roof and the gutter systems, assessing its potential lifespan and evaluation if or not the roof needs to be replaced. We review the entire roofing system, examining for any leaks, rust, rot or any uneven grading that may be present. We also inspect any chimneys, skylights or ventilation systems to make sure there are no cracks or leaks which could lead to heat loss and deeper structural damage.

Attic or crawlspace: Our crew examines your attic or crawlspace, an often-overlooked area of the home which, if neglected, can lead to serious damage down the road. If not examined, issues such as wiring issues, mold, mildew, pests and termites, could impact the health of a home and your investment.

Electrical system: A thorough exam of the home’s electrical system is key to the home inspection process, ensuring the home is up to code, safe and sound for you and your family and ensuring there are no major electrical issues being masked that could lead to harm. Some of the components inspected during [INSERT NAME]’s electrical review includes assessing proper wiring clearance over the roof, driveway and/or walkway; substandard connections; equipment damage; proximity of wiring to windows, balconies, decks, swimming pools and doors; and the proper installation of breaker panels; and much more.

Thermostat and the (HVAC) system: Our inspectors visually inspect the thermostat and HVAC system, making sure that the thermostat, furnace, air conditioner and all ducts are fully functional. We also inspect visible insulation to ensure there is no heat/AC loss which could lead to excessive utility bills.

Walls, ceilings and floors: We inspect all walls, ceilings and floors for any irregularities. Gaps in the wall and ceiling could mean a larger looming issue related to an improper settling of the foundation or deeper issues, issues you should be made aware of prior to a potential home purchase.

Doors and windows: A proper review of the doors and windows will reveal any gaps in the structure or improper installation. Bottom line, improperly installed windows and doors can result in drafts and a huge dent in your electric bills!

Stairs and steps: Among the aspects of a home’s stairways that are examined include any visible defects that may cause trips and falls; measuring for proper handrail heights and proper tread depth and guard height; safe and sound landings; proper illumination of stairways and stairwells; and much more.

Plumbing system: Our experts delve into the home’s plumbing system, inspecting all areas where water runs through the home, including pipes, lines, toilets, sinks and tubs in the inside of the home. Outdoor pipes and faucets will be examined on the exterior of the home for any leaks and potential hazards outside the home.

Porches and exterior balconies: Our experts check the structure and construction of the home’s porches and exterior balconies, checking the railing system and testing the integrity of the structural support.

Peace of mind is vital when making an investment in a home. Let NY Inspection Pros help in providing that peace of mind as our experts help guide you in attaining the American dream of homeownership.


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