New Construction Home Inspection
Looking to buy or sell a brand new home? Let NY Inspection Pros make sure that all the work was properly completed and up to standards. Don’t assume that “because it’s new,” that it’s “new!”  NY Inspection Pros your brand new home before it becomes your financial undertaking.

NY Inspection Pros checks all the primary elements of the newly-constructed home, including the plumbing, structural elements, exterior grading, interior and exterior doors, any appliances, the electrical panel, the roof and gutter system, and much more.

Unwrapping the home

Again, don’t take for granted that a newly constructed home is not without issues. Have you ever purchased a product out of the box and it did not function properly? The same can be said with a new home. Of course, baseline tests on most of the new home’s major systems were likely performed, but NY Inspection Pros' experts take a deeper look into all systems, including:

  • Plumbing: Our experts inspect all areas where water runs through the home, including pipes, lines, toilets, sinks and tubs in the inside of the home. Outdoor pipes and faucets will be examined on the exterior of the home for any leaks and potential hazards outside the home. Remember all elements are new and need a few test runs in order to locate any issues and ensure problem-free operation. Leaks and drips may not be immediately noticeable, but our eagle-eyed experts will pinpoint any concerns and take a deeper dive to determine whether more in-depth issues exist.

  • Structural elements: A poorly built frame will be the downfall to a newly-constructed home. The experts at NY Inspection Pros have the expertise to examine walls and ceilings to determine if the frame is safe and sound and will withstand the elements for decades to come. We check for cracks and gaps that may lead not only to future structural damage, but could lead to a huge hole in your wallet as these same cracks and gaps lead to loss of heat and AC.

  • Exterior grading: A poorly graded property could lead to a number of issues for your home down the line. Basement flooding, the pooling of water around the foundation and wall rotting are just a few of the issues that can result from poor grading of the exterior landscape.

  • Interior and exterior doors: Never take for granted that new doors and frames properly latch. We check each door and windows to ensure proper closure. Poorly installed windows and doors will lead to heat loss and potential leakage. All it takes is one improperly hung door to throw off proper closure and your new home is exposed to the outside elements, resulting in increased heating and electric costs.

  • Appliances: Does the new home include appliances? If so, our team of experts will check the functionality of each and make sure all are working correctly, are properly draining and are installed to the proper electrical units. We make sure that high energy consuming appliances such as HVAC units, washers and dryers have their own dedicated electrical lines, as improperly connected appliances will lead to continued electrical hazards and potential damage to the overall system.

  • Electrical panel: NY Inspection pros' professionals will thoroughly examine the electrical system, making sure the wiring is up to standards, the system is properly grounded and the breaker box is properly affixed to the frame of the home.

  • Roof and gutter system: We review the gutter system, ensuring the system is angled for proper water dispersal, make sure the roof is graded for proper water fall off and that all gutter joints are interconnected to avoid leakage. Improperly connected gutters can lead to water leaking down walls and settling inside the frame of the home, a recipe for the rotting and deterioration of the walls and frame, and potential life-threatening mold and mildew issues.

A detailed inspection of the work of others, even on new home construction, is a sound action to take, especially when an investment the magnitude of a home is at stake. Proper inspection of a brand new home will help save money on future repairs, and ensure peace of mind that your investment is a wise one in today’s housing market. 


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