Seller Home Inspection

In today’s ever-competitive housing market, the sale of your home could be that financial windfall you are in need of to plot your financial future. The experts at NY Inspection Pros will ensure that the home you are looking to sell is in perfect shape and provide suggestions or recommendations in our detailed Property Report.

Let NY Inspection Pros assist you in making that sale and netting you an optimal profit in the end.

Our experts will thoroughly examine the following:

Walls, ceilings and floors: We inspect all walls, ceilings and floors for any irregularities. Gaps in the wall and ceiling could mean a larger looming issue related to an improper settling of the foundation or deeper issues, issues you should be made aware of prior to selling your home.

  • Doors and windows: A proper review of the doors and windows will reveal any gaps in the structure or improper installation. Improperly installed windows and doors can result in drafts and impact heat and electric bills.

  • Foundation: The literal foundation of your investment, the home’s foundation is susceptible to geological conditions or soil-related issues. NY Inspection Pros' inspectors examine the foundation of the home, as foundation issues can lead to greater issues down the line, including cracks in the walls, molding and floor tile; uneven flooring; windows and doors that are difficult to open or close due to an uneven foundation; irregular spacing between walls, floors, doors, windows, and ceiling; and/or a sagging roof.

  • Roof and gutters: Our inspections determine the integrity of a roof and the gutter systems, reviewing the entire roofing system, examining for any leaks, rust, rot or any uneven grading that may be present. NY Inspection Pros' professionals also inspect any chimneys, skylights or ventilation systems to make sure there are no cracks or leaks.

  • Plumbing: Our experts delve into the home’s plumbing, inspecting all areas where water runs through the home, including pipes, lines, toilets, sinks and tubs in the inside of the home. Outdoor pipes and faucets will be examined on the exterior of the home for any leaks and potential hazards outside the home.

  • Electric and breaker box: An exam of the home’s electrical system is key to the home inspection process, ensuring the home is up to code, ensuring there are no major electrical issues. Some of the components inspected during NY Inspection Pros' electrical review includes assessing proper wiring clearance over the roof, driveway and/or walkway; substandard connections; equipment damage; proximity of wiring to windows, balconies, decks, swimming pools and doors; and the proper installation of breaker panels; and much more.

  • HVAC system: Our inspectors inspect the HVAC system, making sure that the thermostat, furnace, air conditioner and all ducts are fully functional. We also inspect visible insulation to ensure there is no heat/AC loss.

  • Home exterior: A walk through the perimeter of the property will provide an opportunity to review the structure for any water damage, pooling of water, land grading issues which may result in flooding, potential sinkholes, damaged siding or insufficient exterior walls, a detailed look at both attached and detached garages, and other issues which may hold up the sale of the home.

  • Much more: Our inspectors will also check pre-installed systems, such as garbage disposals and carbon monoxide detectors, and thoroughly examine the entire structure for any leaks, mold, mildew or other signs of deterioration. 


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