Home Inspections
At NY Inspection Pros we focus on personalized service for our clients and take the time to listen and tailor the service around them. With over 25 years combined experience in Construction, Design, and Real Estate we are able to provide an unparalleled service in the industry. Educating our clients about their property or property of interest to ensure the utmost customer satisfaction.

Buyer Home Inspections
When buying a new home, you want to ensure your investment is safe. A home inspection with NY Inspection Pros does just that.  At NYIP we strive to educate our clients on all systems of the home and provide a thorough written report. With over 25 years combined experience in Construction and Design, NY Inspection Pros know exactly what to look for and how to find it so you can sleep soundly in your new home.

Seller Home Inspections
Decided you want to sell your home? Not sure of the condition or what may be in need of repair or maintenance? NY Inspection Pros offers Sellers Inspections to ensure you know your home well enough to sell at the right price. Don’t wait for someone else to inform you about your home's condition. Get ahead of the other sellers and have the knowledge to get the value you need from your home sale.

New Construction Home Inspections
Issues with a home don’t start after a few years. They can begin immediately — even during construction. NY Inspection Pros is here to verify the integrity of the newly built home so that is a true safe haven.

Old Home Inspections
Homes built before modern standards vary greatly and NY Inspection Pros has the knowledge and experience of working on the remodeling of those old homes and can bring this invaluable experience to the table when it comes to identifying possible issues that many others may overlook.

Termite/WDO Inspection
Termites and other wood destroying organisms can do extensive damage to a home both structurally and cosmetically. Don’t underestimate the importance of ensuring there are no active concerns about the home you want to buy.


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