Termite / WDO Inspections

NY Inspection Pros' termite and wood destroying organism (WDO) inspections are key to catch early on before great damage is done to the home structure. Our termite and WDO inspectors can key in on the areas impacted, noting the signs of damage and eradicating the pests responsible for the damage.

In addition to eradicating these troublesome pests, many states require a termite or WDO report prior to selling a home.

According to Orkin, a provider of pest control services, since there is not one central U.S. government agency or scientific organization that tracks termite data and damage, most damage estimates are based on assumptions from infestations reported to state agriculture agencies and academic experts. It is estimated that termites damage approximately 600,000 homes in the U.S. annually, as an estimated $5 billion is spent annually to control termites and WDO damage.

Our experts can spot evidence of infestation by termites and other WDOs, by evaluating any wood decay, damage to wood, or determine if past termite and WDO infestations were present.

NY Inspection Pros will examine the exterior of the home, noting signs of present or past termite activity. Areas often targeted by termites and WDOs include the basement, garage, and door and window frames, all of which are inspected visually and physically for signs of damage.

If such an infestation is found or located, our inspectors will recommend suggestions for a treatment to the issue to rid the property once and for all of any termite or WDO infestation.


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